EC introduces queue management system at voter registration centres

The Electoral Commission has introduced what it calls the queue management system at all its registration centres in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area to tackle issues with overcrowding.

The queue management system will ensure that the first 150 applicants who arrive at the registration centres will be provided with “numbered chits”, according to the EC.

The first half of this number will be served from morning to early afternoon, while the second half will be asked to leave the centres and return in the afternoon when the registration process for the first batch has been completed.

The EC hopes that this new system will “address the long queues and help with the enforcement of social distancing protocols at the centres.”

“The Commission is keen to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus at all its centres. As a result, we will continue to review and improve our processes so as to ensure that citizens register in a safe and secure environment,” a statement from the EC added.

The introduction of this new system follows reports of overcrowding and disregard for COVID-19 safety protocols at some registration centres.

The EC, following these concerns, indicated that the ongoing exercise will see a greater level of compliance to COVID-19 preventive measures.

The registration which is being conducted across six thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight clusters simultaneously will be completed on August 6, 2020.

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