Techiman is a town and is the capital of Techiman Municipal and Bono East Region of Ghana. Techiman is a leading market town in South Ghana. Techiman is one of the two major cities and settlements of Bono East Region. Techiman has a settlement population of 104,212 people in 2013. Techiman is located at a historical crossroads of trade routes and the Tano river, and serves as capital of the Techiman Municipal District. 


According to oral tradition, all the Akans including the Ashantis come from Bono. The Fantes (an Akan people), according to their oral tradition, migrated from Techiman to found the coastal Mankessim kingdom and present Central Techiman in 1252. Others from the Akan people would later follow and formed their own states and city states, such as the now extinct Adanse state, the Akyem and Akwamu states, among others. After Bono Manso, capital of the Bono State, was taken by the Ashanti Empire in 1723, then the Bono-Techiman state was founded in 1740 under Ashanti sovereignty. However, all the Akans including the Ashantis according to oral tradition settled and migrated from Bono and were part of the Bono State until when the Bono State was conquered in war by the Ashantis.


Techiman has started the construction of a modern culture centre. The purpose of the centre is the preservation of the traditions of the Bono nation Techiman celebrates the annual Apoo in April/May – a kind of Mardi Gras. Before 2009, the celebration of Apoo had been suspended for several years due to the decease of the Bonoman king. The climax of the Apoo is the durbar of the king (Omanhene) through Techiman. In August, an annual yam ceremony takes place and it marks the end of the yam production in the Bono East region towns of Techiman and Wenchi.